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Primarily we manage relational databases for a variety of clients. This is done for commercial, educational, research and non-profit organizations. We create and maintain websites, databases, surveys and other applications for a diverse number of projects. We provide all-inclusive the servers, software, programming, database, web site and survey .


surveys and databasesWe create surveys in two basic ways:
1. Standard Plans: Our clients provides us with the questions and answers they wish to include in the survey. We then code the questions and answers into our Surveyor, create the database and the web site and present them to the clients for their review and comment. We then incorporate the changes and activate the survey and database. The clients then enter test data into the survey. We then export the test data in their preferred format for their review. The database is then reactivated and the client proceeds with the survey. We will export a data report monthly for the client. The Standard Plans are by far the most economical alternative we offer. See Standard Plans for prices.

2 Design Survey: We perform a Needs (Systems) Analysis on the project and provide our recommendations for the survey, database and web site. This is sometimes done in concert with the clients statistician or consultant. If necessary we will custom design the survey with real time, on-line views of the data. We can, if necessary, provide statistical analysis of the data. These cost of these systems will, of course, reflect the time to create and maintain them. We are happy to provide a competitive price for these.

OPEN SOURCE: Perhaps the most important aspect for the client is that we use Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and other open source programming and applications both server and client side whenever possible. This has a lot of great advantages for the client such as better security, speed, power and price (it is freeSpecifically, with us, it means that you own the data, the output and can do any thing you want with it. You do not have to deal with a vendor who can hold you hostage because all of your work and data may not belong to you. .).

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