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What are we doing here? We are demonstrating how an interactive survey and database work. The data entered in the survey is instantaneously entered into the database. Take a Test Drive for fun. Enter and update any records and watch the changes.
Sample Insert & Update Record Forms: .. # of records in table: 52

IdNumber: 52
View actual database entries change: Scroll by 10 records per table.
name gender age
JimmiNu m 2rand[0,1, qpjonw@kke qpjonw@kke
Steve male 30-40 year
Dr female 30-40 year
lex male 20-30 yrs
Ebqgwwxv m 2rand[0,1,
boris female over 65 ye
56856dfh male over 65 ye
hhhj male 30-40 year
mindy female 30-40 year

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Note: this is just a demo for those unfamiliar with databases. Our actual surveys and databases are substantially larger, more sophisticated and powerful.
Demo Survey & Database
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Many people doing research by gathering data using pencil and paper, entering data onto spreadsheets and doing statistical analysis with SPSS and other programs are not familiar with the advantages of server side data bases and inter-active web based entry forms.
1.Server-side data can be collected 24/7/365 from almost anywhere in the world.
2. Server-side data can be displayed and /or statistically analysed anytime in "real time" as the data is entered or it can be exported in Excel, CSV or SPSS formats instantaneously on-demand.
3. Hundreds if not thousands of hours of data collection and entry time (on small to medium projects) are saved and this method is proven to be more reliable than manual methods.

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