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Data Mining Applications: We will provide software, data bases and export statistics for educators and researchers involved in this emerging field. Presently our Data Mining Systems are "in-house " and do not exist as an on-line server side application. We have installed and are presently testing two such open-source applications on our servers at this time. When (not if) we get them to work correctly we expect to offer these applications on line to our clients.

What is Data Mining? Simply stated "Data Mining" is extracting knowledge from existing data bases, data ware-houses, and other data repositories. Obviously this has been done for millenia but now it is done electronically with computers and other technologies. To do this, data mining uses computational techniques from statistics, machine learning and pattern recognition.
Why should this concern me? "The times they are a changing!" Most Educational researchers are dependent upon the federal government and private foundations to fund their work. My opinion is: all fields will be affected. ex. Healthcare:
1. The NIH, National Library of Medicine and many other such institutions have adopted iniatives to develop Universal - Health Data, Meta Data, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and cross-platform data base - Standards. They expect to open their databases for on-site Data Mining contingent upon return of new data to their repository (Warehouse).
2. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ) is now funding research to identify medically underserved populations, create Universal EHR Standards and develop the Cross-Platform data-base Standards and on line interactive record update facility.
3. Medicaid, Medicare, Hipaa and other regulations will change drastically concerning medical privacy regulations. EHR data will become part of the public domain. In the future, If you collect data in your research and are funded by government or large foundations, that data, will be part of the national data Warehouse.
Why open source?
1. Only open-source data bases and software can provide a Universal Platform for the thousands of different propriatary software programs that will need access to this data. Open-source requires that not only is the program free for anyone but that the "source code" is also made available for free. It is a simple matter for the vendor to integrate his private software into the open-source and still keep it private. It is impossible to integrate software into another program that you have no knowlege of its code.
2." Customers want and need the ultimate in control and flexibility, and the greatest protection against vendors whose interests are not, in the end, with their own" .T.Manos Data mining programs are unique in what they do and how they do it. Besides, statistical analysis and associating with databases they usually have unique methods of sifting through data, recognizing themes and patterns and performing operations on the results. It would be a big problem to change private software vendors. You can always pack up your data and go from open source. The program is out there for free to use with your data again.

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