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eLearning & Interactive Instructional Modules:

Primarily we create educational and instructional video presentations for web based applications and DVDs and CDs. These usually incorporate Flash or Streaming Video and may include interactive testing and quizzes with imput to data bases. We can produce these pesentations as 508, SCORM or AICC compliant and integrable with most Learning Management Systems (LMS). For these presentations we also can provide Video Editing, titleing and conversion, PPT conversion and DVD and CD production. We, of course can create and maintain the websites, databases and other applications for these projects.

Presentations: The process is much like producing a motion picture with the client as the producer, director & screen writer; we are the set designers & film editors.

We create presentations in two basic ways:
1. Flash movie : The client provides us with the video, Powerpoint slides, graphics, text, audio, other media, test questions and answers. He/she also provides the screenplay or basic idea of how the project should be structured, what the testing process is to be configured and how any resultant data from the testing is to be used..

2 Web site with interactive testing : The client provides us with the same media and direction as described in the Flash movie above. We edit and convert the video, audio, text, other media and tests and then they are installed as part of the web page(s). The transitions may require additional web pages and links where the Flash movie usually resides on just one web page.

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Our Services:

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eLearning Interactive Educational Modules
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Data Mining Software System.

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