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Demo video formats:.

Flash and Streaming (WMV) videos are the preferred formats for most of our projects. As educational and Instructional tools, eLearning Modules and any of our web sites they provide unmatched clarity and economy. Along with MPEG4, Powerpoint Slideshows , and interactive quizzes and forms they constitute a cadre of components allowing us to create powerful, functional and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Leopold's Maneuvers  

Flash Instructional Video. A 30 minute WHNP video accessesed by Colleges and University all over the world for their programs. (USA, Texas, etc., Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Germany, Singapore, Australia, etc.)

Video Slideshows: They can be constructed with beautiful music as the one below or have speech synchronized with the slides. We maintain a large number of text to audio voices in distinct accents and languages should you prefer typing text to speak-over.

Streaming Video(WMV) Samples
Streaming Video(WMV) format provides a larger picture than Flash. It does not reside on the web page. It is accessed by Links from the web page to the server. You can easily link to about twenty videos from one web page while more than two Flash videos slows the web page download quite a bit. 1. Monet's Gardens at Giverny.

WHNP Classroom Lecture Anemia Pt.1 of 3.

Horse farm mares and babies.

Anemia PPT Slide Presentation.


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aDemo Video Formats

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With Broadband and DSL becoming available to more people on this planet, Flash and Streaming Video are by far the media of choice for any kind of web site.

Educational, Instructional, eLearning and Commercial projects all have some dependence on these technologies. We have been createing numerous web sites with hundreds of hours of on demand streaming video for the past three years. To our knowledge, with the exception of a couple of European Scientific sites, our sites have no operational counterpart in the USA today. (NIH, NASA, US and State Governments, Universitys, Colleges etc.)

This video technology coupled with our cutting edge, open source, programs, databases and compliant servers allows us to offer these services to the commercial, educational & research communities at a fraction of the cost of the few others who can do this work.

open source

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