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Websites: Functional -- Educational -- Aesthetic

We create web sites in these three main categories: Functional -- Educational -- Aesthetic. All of these usually incorporate Flash and/or Streaming Video and may include on line interactiveity with imput to data bases and statistical analysis applications.

The difference between these categories is not in content but in aesthetics. Besides functionality the websites are created to be professional and pleasing to the eye, based upon the clients needs and purpose. An Educational Website with hours of video classroom lectures has a different composition that a Website depicting a commerative trip to China, or a Commercial Horse-farm however they may all incorporate the same type(s) of Video, Audio or interactivity.

We design and create web sites "from scratch" if necessary (we have over 10 years experience doing so) or can provide professional and beautiful templates for most applications or purposes available at no charge. This web site is a template. We tailor it to fit our needs. It wouldn't work for a wedding photographer but it is great for our business.

Web sites for Surveys, Data bases, eLearning, statistics , combinations of these and other highly Interactive Modules although very complex in functionality normally reside on fairly simple web sites. We of course provide either original design or free templates for these as the client desires.

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