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Bibliographic Management Systems: (Under Const.) Links however are active. View the sites below to see how powerful this tool is. We can provide our clients their own system , collaborative system or access to numerous data banks for their research and publications. It is all open-source and free.


I'm a student or researcher and looking for bibliographic software that...

  • can manage all my bibliographic data allowing me to search through them with an accuracy and speed that cannot be duplicated with index cards.
  • enables me to store unlimited quotes, paraphrases and thoughts and to efficiently cross-reference them in a searchable database.
  • is free, stable and open source allowing me to cast off the shackles of commercial, licensed software.
  • supports non-English multi-byte character sets.
  • runs on all major operating systems (*NIX, OsX, Windows).
  • runs not only on a desktop computer but also on a web server so I can access my bibliography from any networked point or share my bibliography with my research team.
  • allows multiple attachments for each bibliographic resource.
  • can export my bibliography in various bibliographic styles (APA, Chicago, IEEE for example).
  • allows me to edit or create bibliographic styles through a graphical interface.
  • integrates a WYSIWYG word processor with easy importation of quotes etc. so that at long last I can write an article, from draft through to publication with automatic citation formatting, entirely within the one software.
  • at the click of a mouse button will reformat my article to another citation style whether that style uses footnotes, endnotes or in-text citation.
  • can import and export other bibliographic formats including BibTeX or Endnote format.
  • supports multiple users.

WIKINDX is all this and more.

Some WIKINDX users:
NASA Exploration Soil Bibliographic Database
WikiMedia Germany
University of Texas
Dominican University
Auckland University
Hellenistic and Roman Bibliography
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique
Aarhus University
The International Thermoelectric Society
Sheffield Hallam University
The Institute for the Study of Science Technology & Innovation (Edinburgh University)
Abraham Kuyper Bibliography (Princeton/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Université de Genève (Faculté de Médecine)
University of British Columbia (A good example of the flexibility of WIKINDX in undergoing modification and integration into another website)


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